Monday, February 1, 2021

Musica Animam Tangens - Catching Storms and Stars - Time Lapse Photography presented in 4k

Music touching:
Exhaling its breathless oceans of life currents
that free hearts giving love to all that open
the sounds that fill the mountain of my existence
and overflow my soul to touch

Musica animam tangens
Maria vitae effundens
Flumina cor liberantia omnes amore amantia
Musica sonans resonans
Implens meam essentiam
Meam inundat animam
Velut flunctibus montem submersum ut tangam 

This video was three-years in the making.  I had the initial concept for it when I sang "Musica Animam Tangens" with the UNLV Chamber Chorale; the song painted images in my mind of the continual creation of the universe.  I was inspired by the imagery of Ron Fricke (Baraka and Samsara), and even the time-lapse imagery by District 7 Media (House of Cards intro). I wanted to bring the same level of image quality to my time-lapse photography as I do with my fine art photography (, and so I present this video in 4k resolution.  Best viewed on a large screen with a good internet connection, and good speakers.

As for the technical aspects, most of the images in this video were captured with my Canon 60D, utilizing my tripod and shutter-release intervalometer.  As always, I shoot in RAW, and then convert the images to high resolution jpegs using Photoshop.  ...Well, some of the older sequenced images were captured as large jpegs, but that's because most time-lapse tutorials encourage capturing in jpeg to save space on the card.  The images in this video span over 3-years, over which time I've refined my technique to allow for full RAW capture of thousands of images.

My next project is to choreograph live music with time lapse and cymatic imagery.


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