Saturday, October 24, 2015

First Step: My Very First Art-Walk

Phew!  What a great couple of days at the Boca Park Art Walk!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect on this warm October Weekend in Las Vegas.

It has taken me a few years to show at an art walk, as most of my prints have lived in galleries.  But the desire has certainly persisted.  Thanks to the support, patience, and encouragement from my loving partner, I was able to overcome the hurdle of procrastination, and present some gorgeous fine art photographs to my Las Vegas community.

I was so honored and flattered by the comments and feedback I received from visitors to my display, and I met some very nice people who I hope to meet again.  

My portable fine art photography display, featuring some Limited Edition Signature Prints. 
Not knowing quite what types of customers I would meet, I decided to sweeten the deal a little with a raffle to win a print.  Which print?  The winner can choose from five 12"x6" limited edition prints.  The raffle turned out to be a great idea, and fortunately, the winner didn't need to be present.  Here's a video of lovely Olivia drawing the winning raffle ticket:

AND THE WINNER IS: Judy!  Congratulations Judy (ticket number 8448780)!  You've won your choice of a Daydream Vignette Limited Edition print.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the raffle.  As a thank you for participating, I would like to offer you a special discount on your next purchase of one of my prints from  Make sure to contact me for your special discount code!

The raffle winner has their choice of one of the 12"x6" Daydream Vignettes Collection.  Congratulations Judy!
A lot of people asked me how I make my images, and how nice they look on metal!  I smile at that, because these images are actually printed on premium photo paper, so they are not only archival, but have superior depth of color over metal prints.  In preparation for the art walk, I created a poster that describes my image creation process, which you can see as a jpeg below.  If you're REALLY interested in the method of image creation I employ, I invite you to read my early blog posts on HDR creation, starting here.

One aspect of the show that I am very grateful to have experienced, was seeing the work and displays of the other photographers.  I am pretty happy with my current display, as I only bring limited edition prints, so I don't have much overhead, where I feel the typical M.O. among photographers is to make a whole lot of prints in different sizes and bank on familiar images (images that you've seen in magazines and advertisements).  I certainly have a number of images of those familiar locations (Maroon Bells, Mesa Arch, Horseshoe Bend, etc), but I often feel more satisfied with images that I create that can't be confused with someone else's work... images that tell a new story.  We'll see how it works out.  Beauty is beauty, and people like what they like.  I am just very glad that I didn't bring any of my "familiar" southwest images (specifically from Zion), because the images I would have chosen were essentially mirrored in the photography display across from mine.  

That being said, I wouldn't mind having more walls, and more various prints on hand... 
One step at a time, I suppose.  

In the meantime, please enjoy the current limited edition prints that are available.  Not all of these are able to be shown at the art walk, but they are all available for delivery.  If you mention the art walk for your order, I will extend the "Free shipping" promotion I am extending to the visitors of my display.  Ordering limited edition, signed prints is currently limited to direct communication with me via email (  Of course, you can always purchase unlimited editions of my work, with the convenience of size and material selection, at

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Musica Animam Tangens - Catching Storms and Stars - Time Lapse Photography presented in 4k

Music touching:
Exhaling its breathless oceans of life currents
that free hearts giving love to all that open
the sounds that fill the mountain of my existence
and overflow my soul to touch

Musica animam tangens
Maria vitae effundens
Flumina cor liberantia omnes amore amantia
Musica sonans resonans
Implens meam essentiam
Meam inundat animam
Velut flunctibus montem submersum ut tangam 

This video was three-years in the making.  I had the initial concept for it when I sang "Musica Animam Tangens" with the UNLV Chamber Chorale; the song painted images in my mind of the continual creation of the universe.  I was inspired by the imagery of Ron Fricke (Baraka and Samsara), and even the time-lapse imagery by District 7 Media (House of Cards intro). I wanted to bring the same level of image quality to my time-lapse photography as I do with my fine art photography (, and so I present this video in 4k resolution.  Best viewed on a large screen with a good internet connection, and good speakers.

As for the technical aspects, most of the images in this video were captured with my Canon 60D, utilizing my tripod and shutter-release intervalometer.  As always, I shoot in RAW, and then convert the images to high resolution jpegs using Photoshop.  ...Well, some of the older sequenced images were captured as large jpegs, but that's because most time-lapse tutorials encourage capturing in jpeg to save space on the card.  The images in this video span over 3-years, over which time I've refined my technique to allow for full RAW capture of thousands of images.

My next project is to choreograph live music with time lapse and cymatic imagery.